Lazy Arms

2015 -

Lazy Arms is a piece meant to interact with the viewer. Rather than building it inside a virtual world, we opted for an analog version based on our technical knowledge in real time installations. Lazy Arms is not a musical instrument, but an experiment and a response to overcome the boundaries between humans and technology through creative means.


Karuizawa New Art Museum ”Art is Science Exhibition” | Japan | 2017
Nagoya City Science Museum ”What is a Robot Exhibition” | Japan | 2017
DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2016 | Japan | 2016
DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2015 | Japan | 2015
TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2015 | Japan | 2015


daisy* | Masato Inagaki

Sound and light artist
Ethan Edwards
Project manager
Ayumu Kimura|Shuji Ota

Yusuke Sekine
Asami Shima

Modeling and manufacturing
Matthieu Claude Tessier|Tadao Yoshida|Ryoya Nonaka

Lead programmer
Ethan Edwards
Shunsuke Uemoto|Masaki Katsukawa
Technical advisor
Yuzuru Mizuno

Assistant producer
Kasumi Arai