ancient aquarium

2019 -

An experience as if peering into a far-off ancient sea, expressed as a metaphor for the spirit, the universe, and other spaces. Ancient fish a coelacanth continues to swim freely as if it has random intentions. The latest video game technology, such as real-time rendering and game AI, is used to express the scene, so that the exact same scene is never repeated twice.


GEISAI#22 & Classic | Japan | 2023
Flat River Gallery “Masato Inagaki|daisy* : art and technology” | Japan | 2022-2023
DESIGNART TOKYO 2020:The daisy* world. | Japan | 2020
DEFRAGMENT –DHGS the DAY- | Japan | 2020
The 98th Seibu & Sogo Takanawa-kai | Japan | 2019


daisy* | Masato Inagaki

Project manager
Shuji Ota

Modeling supervisor
Satoshi Hanawa
Character modeling
Fumiaki Hirachi
Yoko Yamashita
Animation supervisor
Yusuke Sekine
Kasumi Arai

Lead programmer
Masaki Katsukawa
Shunsuke Uemoto|Jaime Hurtado-Lopez
Matthieu Claude Tessier

Picture frame production

ancient aquarium 8K

At “DESIGNART TOKYO 2020: The daisy* world” exhibited at Shibuya Hikarie 8/, we utilized four large monitors to depict real-time graphics in 8K resolution.